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About Me

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

I live in Grande Cache Alberta...I'm Indigenous...I'm Cree and fluent in my language, my Cree name is "Mountain Shadow"...anyway...years age. My Grandpa used to have a stone...which he called "Thunderbird bullet" in Cree
It was a sphere stone...all natural.

He used the stone when he smudged...he would heat up the stone or he'd use it when he was doctoring people that came to him.

Anyway, I was about maybe 7 years old at the time... all those years I always wondered about the stone he had...I'm a I go hunting/hiking all over around Grande Cache...I'm with the "Aseniwuche Winewak Nation" translates to in English "Rocky Mountain People".

Anyway, just a few years ago...I started finding the stones like my late Grandpa had.

One night I was laying in bed...thinking...I wonder if I can attach one onto a I gave it a try...after about the fifth attempt I figured out how to weave one...since there on...I have been attaching them to Dream Catchers.

Little about me,

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